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Working on chapter 3 of Generation Ork -Rehabilitation Earth. I got this amazing brain storm idea and I'm going to run with it.
Chapter 2 - Connections

Miranda stopped, a feeling of being paralysed overtook her as the flashes of memories slammed into her like an overloaded truck. She cried out and tried to reach for her head but her hands felt surreal. It was then she heard her father, and for the first time; felt his presents like he was right there with her. The vivid images going a mile a minute.  Hands cradled her head.  The girl she seen in the hospital, her rainbow hair flying behind her as she chased after a car.  Miranda felt torn and didn't know what was going on.

"I'm here Miputer, I got you!"  her father said. She could feel him holding her. With the chaos ensuing around her she felt nauseous for the first time ever too, the somersaults in her stomach making her last consumed meal into slurry. She didn't understand how she could feel him there, or why he was but she wasn't going to worry about that now.   "I'm scared Daddy!"  She could hear herself but didn't know if she had spoken out loud.  The girl before her was running yelling for someone her hands out reached towards an unknown.

"Chelsie!"  She screamed.  Miranda tried to reach for the girl who screamed as she slipped out of her reach.  The memories still flying around like scattered glitter... colorful and vibrant but sticking everywhere and making a oddly discombobulated mess.  She felt the impact this young girl had felt. It made her cry out yet again.  Mork tried his best to soften the blow. This new girl he had seen when his daughter viewed her; troubled him. He knew she was in trouble but he didn't realize just what kind.  

"Breath Miranda, it's just memories... thoughts, something this girl is reliving. Focus Miputer, look around. What do you see?" He tried to get her to do something other than feel what this young Earkin girl had gone through. Miranda looked around as she heard the blows.  Two men, one was hitting; the other spoke.  

She focused on the talker, she saw  that darkness dressed him with flashes of gold. His weapons were vile words as his partner used the child as a punching bag.  He tore her apart with hate upon his tongue and spat on her as his friend finished his assault.  They left but not before Miranda got a good look at both of them.  

"Daddy what the hell just happened?" She asked a bit stunned and worried at the same time as she looked around the memories this young Earkin had thrown at her with the force of a Earth tornado.  She was still locked in this girls head and she had no idea how to get out.  She felt her dad tug her hand, but she still couldn't see him.

"I think you're in a connection call. Like I use to do when I tried to contact Orson.  She's an Earkin sweetie.  She'd have the ability to do this. I just don't think she's aware she can."

"Goodness me! Why in the world could I FEEL things?" Miranda was still baffled at what was going on and checked herself over only to realize she was fine. It was the girl laying before her that was injured.  

"OH Fokenzit!"  Miranda came out of her ponderings and went to the young lady's body and looked her over.
The girl groaned.  "Have to get Chelsie back." She mumbled softly.  The girl reached to grab Miranda's hand.  "Tell Sophie, I'm sorry." She stopped talking and her arm dropped.  The whole scene went black.  

"What happened?" Miranda stood and all there was, was darkness.  

"I think she blacked out Miputer."  Her father said; he sighed loudly.  "Now you need to disconnect like you do with Orwell."  

Miranda nodded and tried and sure enough she could hear Chris and Jeanine speaking to her in panicked tones.

"Miranda! Come on wake up! Are you OK?!"  Chris was petting her face lightly but with urgency.  She pulled her hand away from him and whined.  The pain in her head was overwhelming and she shaded her eyes from the bright overhead lights of the room she was in.  

"My goodness you gave us an awful fright!" Jeanie said as she checked her pulse.  Miranda sat upright quickly.
"I'm Ok if not shook up." Miranda needed to tell them what happened.

"That girl tried to save someone named Chelsie."  Miranda looked around and realized she wasn't in the same room she was in before.  "OH! Now I know why everything went dark, you guys moved me; I lost the connection." She mumbled a bit disappointed.

Chris looked at her confused. "Huh?"

Miranda realized they needed to know just what had happened.  "I think she was having a lucid moment." She paused before going on thinking of how to explain so Jeanie got the idea of what was going on.  "Dad said he thought she'd made a connection like I do when I contact Orwell.  She's after all Earkin, she'd have the ability to reach out to another, she just might not be aware of how to do it." Jeanie let go of her wrist as she listened to Miranda explain.

"I think because I was the closest one and hand been touching her this is why I got pulled in. I saw what happened to her.  She asked me to tell Sophie she was sorry..."  

"Did you see anything else?" Chris asked as he pondered her words.

"Lots of different things, someone took another girl; in a car. I think it was silver or white but the image was fuzzy."  She took a breath.  Her nerves were still vibrating from the whole ordeal.  "I still don't know her name." That was the biggest thing Miranda felt she'd failed on, she knew two others this girl seemed to know, Chelsie and Sophie but not her.  She looked around and took a deep breath.  It only took a few seconds and she knew where the other girl was and got up to go to her.

"WOAH! Where do you think you're going?" Jeanie asked as she watched her friend get off the gurney.

"To find out her name." Miranda said determined to figure out just what the hell was going on.

"I'm concerned for you too Miranda, I think Jane Doe can wait."  She walked in front of her and touched her head with the back of her hand.

"I'm fine!" She insisted as she pushed her hand down. "Really." She looked at Jeanie eyes wide as if to say, PLEASE don't treat me like a baby.

"She's right Miputer. You should relax, that girl isn't going anywhere. I don't want to see you exhausted like before, remember."  She heard the worry in her father's voice and slumped.  She knew she couldn't ignore him.  She sat back down and pouted.
"What's wrong Alaika?" Chris's endearment for her was always so sweet and more so when he touched her cheek and raised her chin so she could look him in the eyes.  He; as usual; brushed stray strands of her dark hair from her face.  She exhaled in exasperation.

"Dad's worried so..." She paused and sighed again. "I'm listening to him and taking a breather. Jeanie's right; that girl isn't going anywhere, but I still want to know her name."

Chris looked over at the room across the hall where the girl with the brightly colored hair was laying. He knew there was more to the story behind her ending up here and so far his girlfriend knew more than he did.  

"How about I sit here with you and you fill me in on details on what you saw while you rest. I'm sure Jeanie won't have a problem with you recouping here while she checks in on the other young lady." He looked over at Jeanie who nodded and then slipped from the room.  Miranda tried to settle into Chris's arms as he relaxed back on the gurney that had the head of it elevated so they could still be sitting but resting as well. He placed his legs on either side of Miranda and hugged her from behind.  She was still tense and he could feel it, he let his energy loose on her and she finally relaxed.  He listened with intense interest.  The fine details she gave of her encounter had him baffled on the real reason why the girl in the next room had been beaten.  He had a few hunches and being a detective he felt it was a good idea to check out some of the ideas he had and he would as soon as he had time.  

Miranda had finished telling him all that she'd seen, felt or heard and seemed to become a tad bit sullen.  He waited for her to speak but then realized that she'd fallen asleep.  He kissed her head as Jeanie came back into the room.

"So?" She asked him.  "What did she say?"

Chris carefully slipped out from under Miranda who was a solid sleeper when out.  He stood and pulled his shirt which had rode up, back into place.

"From what info she gave me I believe that this girl was trying to keep someone from being taken.  If this is the case and she was on the streets, then it could be a case of human trafficking.  It's not that uncommon, problem is most of the girls end up in Toronto before they get sent anywhere else."

He pondered a moment.  "I think I should pop home and check out some of the stuff Miranda told me and see if anything pans out."  He watched as Jeanie checked her watch.  

"How long do you think you'll be gone? She wanted to be sure that she could keep Miranda preoccupied while Chris was gone, and Chris was aware how much of a handful Miranda could be when he or her brother wasn't around.  The term "Curiosity killed the cat" came to mind when it came to Miranda and all the new things she was learning. Chris and Jeanie and her brother seemed to be the only ones to keep her from hurting herself or getting into trouble.  He chuckled when he remember her learning about speech activated machines and how she thought she could talk to an elevator that spoke to her the floors, getting audio applications confused with speech applications.  
"Not more than three hours if I can help it.  You can always tell her to go see mom. I know mom would keep her content and out of trouble too."  He watched Jeanie smile and nod as she walked over and checked Miranda's pulse.

"Yeah that's not a problem. I know she can be quite inquisitive and all and it tends to get her into all sorts of dilemmas but I believe I can handle her today, she's got a one tract mind right now and I think that little girl in the other room will be all she's worried about."  Jeanie smiled over at Chris as she finished checking Miranda, she placed her hand on her arm and nodded.  "Go do what you need to, we'll be here."

He looked quite pleased and smirked as he headed out the door. A quick wave and he was off.  Jeanie looked back at Miranda. She'd be asleep for a bit and she grabbed a warm blanket and covered her friend. The other young lady was next in line for some attention.


Zari didn't understand who the lady with the dark hair was but she had tried to reach out to her and managed to show her what had happened. Then she lost her.  She KNEW that the other woman was like her, she just didn't know how she knew.  Zari wandered in her head for hours trying to get out but she was having no luck. She could hear people, she knew what was going on but she couldn't answer.  She was lost yet right in front of everyone's face.  She needed to help Chelsie and tell Sophie that she was sorry. She never meant for any of this to happen.  

Zari's mental sob was physical as well; as Jeanie witnessed the tears that escaped from the child's battered face. She brushed them away gently and spoke to the girl.

"I don't know your name my child, but we will try to find out.  The lady who was with me today can help." Jeanie pushed her flamboyantly colorful hair from her face, and took her hand.  "I don't know how you did it but you made a connection on your own with Miranda and she's determined to find out what happened to you and your friend Chelsie and Sophie."  Jeanie felt the child's hand stiffen at her friends names.  She smiled. Jeanie knew then and there that the young lady could hear her and there was a good chance she would come out of her coma.  She wrote about the response on her chart and placed it back into its holder on the door.  Jeanie figured she'd have a few hours before Miranda woke so decided she could do a few rounds.  She headed off hoping that the mystery of Jane Doe would be over soon.
It was a good thing he had the I-28 beam to get around. It sure made travel easier, no one missed him when he was in Halifax because he was able to get back to the detachment whenever he was needed or whenever he needed their help, whenever he was asked where he was he always stated undercover tracking on a case. It prevented too many questions.

He checked the computer files at the Eglinton Police detachment in Toronto and  wasn't surprised to see how many young women had been listed as missing.  Many cases were listed within Special Operations and the Organized Crime task force, several were thought to have been kidnapped.   He thought to himself as he scanned the countless images of young faces.  

He'd been an independent freelance detective for several years till one of his friends who worked at the Eglinton Police force came to him asking for help with an exceptional case where a child's life was at stake.  Gary Sharp was a veteran at the force with twenty seven years under his belt and back in 2007 there was a child who'd gone missing when his father had taken off with him.  Gary knew Chris's track record and came to him asking for help.  It had taken Chris all of thirteen hours and he had found the child much to his friends delight.  

The rescue went well but the child's father ended up committing suicide during the whole ordeal.  Regardless of the outcome Gary promised that if Chris ever needed the detachments help all he had to do was ask or drop by and do his own research if he needed.  It worked well for everyone since the chief came to him often when there were missing children involved.  To Chris, Gary seemed to materialize from thin air.  It always threw him off when that happened, especially when he was as absorbed as he was when Gary placed his hand on his shoulder making him jump.  

"Fokenzit!" His reaction was in Orkian and he cringed.

"Learning German now are you? Is that for a new case you're working on?" Gary chuckled as he slapped his buddy's back.

"Actually my girlfriend is. I just happened to pick up on the cuss words faster than I should have."  He absently chuckled hoping to keep his friend amused and not focused on the word he'd muttered.

"So what are you tracking today? Gary asked as he looked at the screen.  He noticed the young girls and looked at Chris.

"Another missing kid?" He looked concerned.

"Actually; a Jane Doe a friend of mine asked about.  We're trying to figure out who she is.  There hasn't been any reports in her area on who she is so I figured I'd check here and see if anything popped out at me since we don't have her name, only the first names of her friends."  

"Do you know if she's a run away or where she's from?" Gary asked as he watched Chris scroll through the images.  

"No, no idea, just that she had two friends. Sophia and Chelsie."  Chris jumped again when Gary stopped his hand from scrolling the wheel any further.

"Hey man! What the hell?" Chris was baffled at the look on Gary's face. He was more confused when Gary pushed his hand off the mouse and then took the keyboard and started typing, in a moment flashing before his face was the rainbow haired child.

Name: Zari Liams  Age: 18 DOB: July 21, 1997 Height: 5' 1" Weight: 101 LBS Hair color: Brown Eye color: blue Hometown: Toronto, Ontario.  Reported missing April 2nd 2011 @ age 14 by mother Jillian.
NOTE: Zari has a unique birthmark on her left shoulder that looks like a flower.  

"Oh my! That's her!" Chris was stunned.  "How the hell did you know who I was talking about?" He asked his friend.

"Because of the girls you mentioned."  He typed again "We've been trying to find them for nearly four years." He turned around in his chair as he laid down the keyboard he had taken from his friend.  There before Chris were two very pretty young girls.  Both no more than 14 at the time the pictures were taken.  Chelsie and Sophie Moore.  Twins; both with red hair, their blue eyes showed joy.  Chris sighed as he read through the report.  Seemed the girls disappeared from Toronto when they decided to run off with Zari to Boston to meet someone.  Chris was discouraged.  The files said that the police lost the twins trail after they'd been missing about three months but then Zari showed up out of the blue telling the police that they had been kidnapped and someone had taken the girls to another city to be used as slaves.  The officer who'd taken her statement back in 2012 passed away only 6 months ago.  His report was slim and lacked any real conviction on his believing the child who'd told him what had happened to her friends.  

"Geesh!" He said out loud as he ran his hand through his hair.

"I take it you made it to the report about Zari showing here telling Constable Walker about what had happened.  He didn't seem all too convinced about the statement and didn't do anything to actually track the girls down.  I am honestly disappointed.  Most of the Special Forces didn't find out about it till almost two week after the original report was made."  Gary looked defeated when he stated this.

"What?! But why?" Chris was stunned.

"We're not too sure." Gary pointed to the end of the report where Walker had written "Witness is likely an unreliable source.  There are no current reports about any missing girls within the city."

Chris was stunned to read that.  "I have to call my friend and tell her I know her Jane Doe's name.  She's going to be stunned when she learns that this girl is from here."
Gen Ork - Rehabilitation Earth Ch 2 - Connections
This is the 2nd installment to my original spinoff fanfiction I called Generation Ork based
on the Children from the Mork and Mindy show. I hope you enjoy it. If you have feedback feel free 
to let me know. If you get lost on Orkian words please check out the dictionary to learn what they mean. 
Chapter 1 - First world problems

Miranda relaxed next to Chris as he played an Earth based electronic game he called a playstation, something Jeanie had in her home. She said was used to "kill time";  a notion Miranda found quite disturbing, even for an earthling; things were still so very new to her here. She peeked over and watched him.  He was thoroughly engrossed with the game he called GTA and chuckled to himself from time to time when he heard the character swear.  She was writing down things in her journal that she was learning about but kept peeking up over her tablet that she was writing on.  She screwed up her eyebrows as she watched him move his character around on the screen kicking and hitting his way through the city.  She wasn't too thrilled to see this kind of violence but Chris assured her it wasn't real. Apparently he found it entertaining.  She had learned how to use the machine a few weeks ago when they had returned from Ork via a line jumped I-28 beam, the new system that Orwell had installed made trips back and forth to Ork much quicker than pod or ship travel. There had been a similar set up about thirty years ago but it had been dismantled when her dad and mother returned to Ork.  She looked back down and continued to touch the glass screen lettered icons and update her records for Ork about Earth and what she had learned in the few months she had been here; the games audio playing was a bit distracting.  She was pleased with her progress since their return from Orwell's and Naruu's wedding and in the process, Chris had his Orkian part of him charged to super full with her help and he was exceptionally strong now and Miranda was humming constantly in his presents.  She smirked as she remembered their lake encounter and she stopped typing.  Chris noticed her smiling and her "glow" getting extremely bright as she paused in mid thought and he had a notion what it was all about. He could feel her humming like a high tension wire all day.

"Isba?" He asked in Orkian, he found the language interesting and was learning very quickly how to speak it. Miranda find it to be quite a turn on.  She blushed but responded.

"Necce." She said dragging out her response slowly with a bit of a devious smile. She knew he could read her thoughts. He'd been learning the same abilities that she had, so she was aware he knew what had tangled her thoughts into a wonderful mess.  He paused his game.
"Rursho?" He asked with a smirk as he held the paddle in the air. He flitted with the images of the lake before him that wandered in her mind and he rather enjoyed that she was thinking of him.

She blushed uncontrollably and bit her bottom lip as she let her tablet slid to her lap. "Neph." She responded as she leaned towards him with a half cocked smile.

He straightened up with her response and his eyes got wide in mocked shock. "Goodness me... NO?!"
He placed his hand on her forehead and shut his eyes.  She giggled as she moved the tablet to the flat arm of the sofa and pounced on him, his controller dropped to the floor as he wrapped his arms around her as she attacked him with a mind bending kiss.  He loved these kind of assaults.  She kissed him and sighed.

"Tisba." She responded.  He chuckled as he wrapped his arms around her and let her snuggle against his chest.  

"Are you now?" He swore to goodness she purred as she nodded her head in agreement against his chest, his shirt shifting with each movement of her head.  He smirked above her and instinctively tucked her dark hair behind her ear.  All he had to do was hold her and she seemed to be content.  He turned when he heard the click of the lock from the front door, Miranda's head followed suit but she relaxed on his chest knowing who it was before they even entered.

Jeanie walked through the front door and dropped her keys into  the darkly swirled wooden dish she had sitting on a small side table at her front door and turned around to see the adorable site of Chris and Miranda curled up together.  Too bad she was going to have to break it up since she had info she was most certain Miranda would love to get.

"Evening." Miranda said to Jeanie as she walked into the living room.  "How was work?"  Jeanie was waiting for that same question; one she'd gotten every night since they all returned from Ork.  She sighed and that alone made both Chris and Miranda untangle from each other's arms and sit up and ask what was wrong.

"Is everything OK?"  Miranda watched as Jeanie ran her hand through her now lengthened dark hair.  
Jeanie now wished Reach wasn't on mission currently as she'd get him to double check her findings before telling Miranda but since he's away and she didn't have any other direct contact with Ork other than through Miranda and Mearth she might as well fill her in on details since Mearth was in Washington with Holly working.

"I'm not too sure yet Miranda." She paused looked around and decided to sit in the recliner off to the left of her TV.  She leaned forward and looked at both the two most amazing creatures she'd ever been blessed to meet.  She still to this very day thanked Mork for being in her life, without knowing him she was sure her life would be so very different.  Jeanie had forgotten that Miranda and Chris both were able to read minds so was a bit taken aback when they both looked at each other with a confused look.

"Uhh, what does dad have to do with whatever is going on?" Miranda said. Her confusion evident on her face as it was on Chris's.

"Well if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have the medical info I have now on your newly dubbed species you call Earkins." She said as she looked at her hands twining her fingers into each other.  "It's because of that info that makes me think I have an Earkin at my hospital."  She looked up at Miranda and Chris and sighed as she watched the shock and bewilderment register on their faces.
"WHAT?!" Miranda said. Her eyes were huge, she reached over and grabbed Chris's hand.

"Are you sure?" Chris asked, still confused on how on Earth Jeanie found an Earkin before they did, since it was after all an ability both he and Miranda had. He held onto Miranda's hand about as tight as she was his.  The tension was in both of them and he was sure she could feel his too.

"DNA analysis confirmed it to my own records.  I only bothered to check because she was showing the same protein strain in her blood work as you guys do.  I never in my life thought I'd find one of your own ON my own." Jeanie did look bewildered, but she looked very concerned as well.
"How did she end up at the hospital?" Miranda was concerned now.  There was more to this then she was saying at the moment and no mind reading was getting through the jumbled mess that both of them were getting from Jeanie.
"She was beaten, badly." Jeanie said, her eyes watered as she spoke the words.  She hastily brushed them aside trying to remain strong so she could explain better. Letting her emotions get the better of her wasn't going to help the situation.

"I had to do surgery to repair her arm it was fractured that badly.  She has a fractured zygomatic bone, so her left eye is swollen nearly shut.  From the damage you'd think she was hit by a car but there's no damage to her legs at all, so I am sure she was beaten."  She let a tear slip past her worried, tired eyes.  She let it fall to the floor and looked up at her friends.

"I did my best to stabilize her but I think you two need to go see her before we lose her, internal bleeding from lacerations to her liver was extensive.  My team did all we could to put her back together on the inside.  Now it's a wait and see." Jeanie sighed as Miranda reached over and held her hand.  The energy from her reaching her and calming her.

"Take us to see her OK. We will do what we can."  She looked over to Chris and he nodded with a smile. He knew they would do whatever they had to in order to help the injured child, even if they child had no idea who they actually were.  

Jeanie nodded and got up.  "I need to clean up some first.  She's stable for now so I'm hoping I have enough time to change and then we can head out.  I haven't eaten all day because my guts have been rolling from stress."

"Sure, do what you need to." Chris replied as he saw her get up and head to her room. "We're just going to get ready."  He watched her wander to her room and looked back at his lovely girlfriend who's face said it all.  There was a challenge there and he knew she was going to take it head on.

Jeanie knew that Miranda's reaction to seeing this girl wasn't going to be the best.  She knew that for the first time ever this wonderful young lady whom she'd gotten to know; who's innocence's was as endearing as her father's when he was around; would be shattered within a world she knew was partly her own.  Not growing up here was bad enough, learning what hate could do to a person was going to be a very hard bitter pill to swallow and Jeanie hated to be the one to show her the results of what abuse could do to a person.  She slipped into her new clothing, the smell of the hospital had been washed from her only thirty minutes before, her hair still wet but she knew she'd have to go back Miranda was instant on seeing this young lady.  She pulled back her hair into a folded ponytail, and headed out the bedroom door.  "I'm ready if you are." She said to two sets of anxious eyes.  She picked up her keys from the bowl and was followed to the door without a word.


She was hardly bigger than a twelve year old child.  Miranda cried when she saw the young lady. Her face so swollen her left eye wasn't even visible anymore.  The angry prismatic colors that blotched her tiny facial features were dark and sullen save for the bright red streaks where her face had been lacerated, the suppurated wounds oozed.  Miranda wiped tears from her eyes angry that someone could do this to a child. She looked at Jeanie.
"For crying out loud! Jeanie! How old is she?" The shock and anger registered in her voice.
"Well from all indications she's about twenty five, yet she looks to be about fifteen; give or take a few years." She absently added as she reached over to check her patients pulse.
"There's no way she's twenty five!" Miranda said forgetting herself as she wallowed in the appalled emotion she was feeling for this young girls plight. Chris reached over to her.

"She very well might be, remember what Jeanie said; She's Earkin." He looked up when the realization clicked in her eyes that this sprite of a girl could be aging backwards.  

"Oh Shazbot!  Why in the Ork didn't I think of that?" She was bewildered with herself as much as she was dumbfounded over the damage this poor Earkin had gone through.
"You're worried maybe?" Chris pulled her towards him and placed both his hands on her shoulders making her look him in the eyes.  "Breath, I know this is tough; but remember you're still learning. This just happens to be the bad part of what humans can do."

"Abusive situations like this come in here more often then I'd like to see." Jeanie stated as Miranda turned around; Chris still by her side.

"So what can be done?" Miranda asked.

"Actually; nothing can be done right now.  She needs to come out of her coma on her own and once she does the police will likely be brought in to ask her questions.  Problem is..." Jeanie trailed off and sighed.  "Problem is, more often than not these girls just tell us a lie and go right back to whoever it was who put them here in the first place." She looked at the tiny body on the bed. "I know this girl is part of our cities ever growing issue.  A homeless child.  Who works the streets to feed herself."  

Miranda looked confused at first and Jeanie knew this would be hard to explain to her.  She watched as her friend walked to the young girl and laid her hands on her.  Jeanie knew it'd only be a matter of time before the young girl was awake but she needed to ensure that Miranda understood what was going on.

"There are a lot of people who live on the streets Miranda."  

"Why?" Miranda asked, she felt her power flow from her, the color seeped across the young woman's hand.

"Some have no choice.  Some lost their home. Some have addictions." Jeanie said.

"Addictions?" Miranda looked up. "You mean like drugs?" She watched Jeanie nod her head in agreement.  Sighing Miranda looked down at the mystery woman.  "Well I can tell you she's not someone to do drugs.  Her system is strong, even if it's broken."

Jeanie wasn't surprised that Miranda could tell she was drug free.  Toxicology told her that three house ago when she had her blood work done up.  "We still don't know what happened to her."  Jeanie picked up Jane doe's chart and looked over it. "To explain it in lamest terms, half of her face is pretty much a shattered mess.  Both cheeks and nose.  I was surprised to learn her jaw was intact."

Miranda looked at Jeanie. " Working the streets? A broken jaw isn't as bad as a broken life.  If she's drug free what else is there?"

There was a sigh to her side, she felt Chris tense up.  "Prostitution." He replied. "It's likely she was selling herself to live.  If that's what happened, it's likely a John beat her."

"Well we need to find that John guy and have him sent to jail!" Miranda said, her brows furrowed with rage. "How dare he beat a small woman! It's not right!" She watched the monitor beep faster.

"Miranda." Chris looked at her. "A John is someone who buys sex from someone. Not the name, it's just a term used to say who that person is."

"Well whoever he is, he's vile!"  Her upset made her burst and healing waves splashed around the whole room and even though Jeanie couldn't see it she sure could feel it. Even in a tense  and moody situation she relaxed.  It helped her think clearer.  

"Miranda, if you keep with the healing waves, you're going to drown us all." Jeanie smiled.  That alone dissipated the strain in the room.  Miranda lifted her hands off the girl and watched the monitor steady.  

"Why would someone need to sell their body like that? Doesn't love have any true value here other than currency?" Miranda's soul grieved a bit at the notion.

"Sometimes, when survival is all you're aiming for; love is left out all together. It's the act that gets the means to live. " Chris didn't like knowing this anymore than he could see she did.  It was a very hard first lesson to learn.  
"I pray this isn't the case for this poor child!" Miranda didn't want to think this tiny child like woman had to perform like an animal in order to live.  She knew she'd waken soon and when that happened she wanted to be there.  She looked over and took stock of the girls facial features through the bruises and cuts.  She could tell she had sharp features.  Squared jaw.  Her matted colored hair was enough to make her noticeable no matter where she was.  Miranda picked up her hand and looked at the marks all over her.  She rubbed but the marks remained.

"What is this?" She asked pointing to a semi colon mark on the woman's arm.  Jeanie spoke up.  

"It's a semi colon." She said smiling not realizing at first the confusion Miranda had.

"Uhh, I get the usage Jeanie, but why is it on her skin. Why doesn't it come off?"

Jeanie did have to stifle a chuckle.  She still tend to forget just how green she was to Earthly things.

"It's a tattoo.  An inking of the skin.  These do not come off. It's wearable art."  She looked at the tiny mark. Simple but with a powerful meaning.

"Why a semi colon?" Miranda didn't understand. She knew it was used in writing when a writer could have ended a sentence but chose to continue.  

"It's for mental health awareness Miranda." Chris said as he too looked at the small mark, running his finger over it.  "You're the writer of your life's story."  He looked at her knowing her own father had ended his life's story.  Understanding registered on her face and she nodded.  

"A powerful message in a simple mark." Chris let her lean back against him as she took in the info she was getting.  It was then that she heard the thoughts of the young girl beside her before she heard her.
She stiffened and looked down.

"OH my!" Miranda said.  She looked at Jeanie. "She got hurt trying to save someone Jeanie!"
Generation Ork - Rehabilitation Earth Ch 1
So This is the 2nd installment to my Generation Ork Stories involving Mearth and Miranda
(Mork and Mindy's children from the TV series aptly named Mork and Mindy) 
This series is set in the time where; Miranda who was born on Ork instead of earth; 
decides to return to Earth after their parents pass. 

I decided to release THIS 2nd part of my series on Robin William's 64th Birthday 
as a sort of tribute. Today; I'm sure; is a bittersweet day for his family, especially 
his wonderful daughter Zelda. He may be gone but in our home he's not forgotten 
*Kinda hard since the last name all on it's own is close to my own family* 

Anyway Feedback is ALWAYS nice. 
New words are added to the Orkian dictionary so please check there if you're not sure what each word means. 
Actions and Words by Ragdonly
Actions and Words
Neither can exist without the other. 

He truly was smart.  Words and Ideas CAN change the world. 

I know my own words gave me new creedance on how I write 
as I matured. :) 

I found these words in old scribblers from my foster parents place in crap I had saved; 
along with a ton of other things. I decided to add those words to an image of Robin and set 
up my own "Happy Birthday" Memorial to the great funny man.  

July 21st. He's have been 64.  The same age as my own foster dad.  
He shared a birthday with my grandmother who'd be 93 if she was still with us. 

Happy Birthday Robin, may god bless your family on the 21st. 
Generation Ork   Dictionary of Orkan language and terminology.

This is just a rough list of words so far that I have. I will update it and add to it and notify my readers each time something new is added.  If you have questions feel free to message me or post here OR if you want, YOU as one of my readers can even event a word of your own ADD it in comments, give a description on what it is and if I need this item in the near future I will use it in my story! :) and give you credit for it as well!

Alaika: Angel
Anuu: An Orkian vegetable that looks like broccoli or Cauliflower; only it's smaller and purple.

Beems:  Day
Bleem(s):  Year (s)
Bezubbles:  An odd Orkian creature that's chronically confused.  This term also means Bejeebers/heck/blue blazes in earth slang.

Crimlock:  asshole/jerk
Cribitz:  To pull someone's leg.
Caplines: Orkan birds of paradise. Vary in Ombre colors but the most common are white with blue on their very long tails.

Da or De: Is used as my or mine depending on gender reference within a sentence. EX: da meine (My soul - for a male)
Dard:  Splendid/Wonderful
Dewdropper:  Lazy/Slacker
Dolberd:  Crap/Shit/poop

Earkin:  A newly coined term for Half Orkan and Half Earthling/Human.
Egg:  Good breed/Well to do
Eshka: Tracker, Blood hound - someone with the ability to track another species or being

Frizbit:  Is a land animal similar to a earth cow.  They are usually yellow in color. They produce a pinkish hued liquid as well similar to milk called nalo.
Flech New:  is over
Flookie:  A hand shaped camera.
Fizzle bend: A type of stretchy elastic like grass.
Fokenzit(z):  Fuck/Fucker
Fidish kew: How are you.

Giggle Juice:  Ginger ale/Booze/Alcohol
Grindle:  A minute
Griblage:  Break

Hunna:  Good

Isba:  Are you OK?

Jorun:  Swig/drink

Lovelings:  lovers or partners
Mintaou:  Spicy meat that swells when chewed.
Mazine:  Everybody everywhere - A food court
Micro Bleem:  Month
Mazuma:  Money/Cash
Meine Vatar: Souls Keeper

Nano Bleem:  Week
Necce Yes
Neph: No
Nalo: Similar to earth milk only it's pinkish in color.
Nimnul:  Idiot/Fool

Plerm:  Piece of shit
Pictophone: A wireless phoning system in Ork that uses images.  There are no buttons to dial. Orkians THINK the numbers.  (This can also be done with human phones as well)
Patots:  A horned lizard with eyes like green grapes.
Platee: A green colored Orkian root vegetable similar looking to carrots, only these grow in bunches not as a single vegetable.
Raqi:  An Orkan dish made of meat with sauce and Orkan vegetables.  The meat is orange in color when raw and turns brownish when cooked. The vegetables consist of Anuu which looks similar to broccoli only it’s purple and Platee a green carrot like root vegetable, there is also slivers of silver leaf which go clear when cooked and are a spice that taste like earth onions.  
Ratta:  A small carnivorous creature similar to earth’s rabbits, just more dangerous, it is used in many Orkian meals and is snared as shooting this creature makes them explode. The meat is orangish in color and darkens when it's cooked.  
Rursho: Are you sure/certain? - a response of "Sho"...can mean Certain or yes.

Splot:  A purple like pony sized long neck lizard/dinosaur.
Sate: An Orkian grain which grows in very large stalks, when it grows it's stalk looks like a pole with greenish bumps all over it. They change color to a pale yellow when ripe. The Sate is then milled off and dried.
Saatee:  Small fibrous sweet pellets that are milled from Sate stalks. Looks like yellow rice/couscous. When cooked in liquid it expands and darkens in color.
Sheba:  Girlfriend or sexy lady
Spifflicated:  Drunk or inebriated
Shazbot:  Dammit/Shit or fuck
Sho: usually used in response to Rursho. It confirms "Certain!" or "Sure!"
Splinking:  A joke/lie
Shalamoota:   Tramp/whore
Sheshka A SUPER Tracker/Blood hound - Someone with the extraordinary specialized ability to track a unique species or being even while they are merely an infant.

Tisba: I'm OK

Werbal:  Sweetheart/Stand up person

Zazbot:  Crazy/nuts
Zoze:  Standard
Orkan Dictionary of Orkan language and terminology
This will be updated A LOT! 
Check back each chance you see it's been updated it you read the story. 
It will help you a great deal. 

READERS are permitted to suggest Alien words/phrases or items 
give a description on what it is, does or means and if I need it 
I will add it to the story and give credit to the user who suggested it. :) 

Happy reading. If you have question PLEASE ask. 

Last updated on: July 10th 2015 - Necce (Yes) I had forgotten to add this when I wrote one of my chapters. 
Here are new ones for the next chapter I'm working on. Expect A LOT of these! 
Rursho - Are you sure?/certain?
Sho - usually used as a response to Rursho. Confirms one is Certain or Sure. 
Tisba - I'm OK (response to Isba?) 
I have a child(ren) who feel "entitled" to things they didn't earn. I have children who feel they should always "be first".  
this is a good read.…


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