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Newest addition!

Check it out Generation Ork has a 2nd installment!!!

For all my fans and followers you can check it out here.…

But don't forget if you get lost with some of the Orkian terminology I even have a dictionary which I update regularly!…

Find the original spin off story here >>…

Suggested Links to visit!!!

Link below are links to fun sites you can check out or join, click on them to see whats offered!… (Cute pets, Prizes, Join the Marapet craze Today!)


What topic would you Like to see Generation Ork touch on in a mini story? 

1 deviant said Prostitution/human trafficking
1 deviant said Anxiety/panic attacks
No deviants said Drugs
No deviants said Death
No deviants said Booze
No deviants said Suicide/Depression
No deviants said Bullying/abuse
No deviants said Suggest your own ... PLEASE comment. (give ideas/outlines please) I ACTUALLY take these into consideration!
No deviants said I haven't read it yet but I will now!
No deviants said I haven't read your spin off and don't plan to.


But of COURSE I am at Mumford ALL the time... You see... I have a JOB that requires me to travel ALL over the place, and EVEN though I could probably afford a car...(which I couldn't drive) why waste that money on a hunk of junk when I can rely on the bus JUST to piss people off... cause you know it's JUST that satisfying being on a bus with people I have to smell for hours on end... and getting groped by old men is SO fucking entertaining, but yeah... I do it JUST to annoy people because I haven't anything better to do while I go to work!

*GAWD some people are so bloody self centered!*  NOT EVERYTHING I fucking do is about YOU! GROW UP!

My letter to our new Prime Minister.  So far my blog posting has gotten quite a few shares in Facebook. :) hoping to see viral soon enough. 
Dragon Box by Ragdonly
Dragon Box
Made with Polymere clay and wood. 
Box is made in the likes of a dragon with scales and a glowing eye. (glows in the dark) 
the arm shows possession. (yes it's freely able to open) 
This one is also for sale and all proceeds go to Help Halicats a stray rescue group located in Halifax NS. 
this box is $35
Under the sea by Ragdonly
Under the sea
A mermaid styled jewlery box made from wood, polymere clay and painted to resemble the ocean floor and the mystical aspects of the every lovely mermaid! this is a very large box and is about 10" or so and is about 6-8 inches wide. the inside is lined with royal purple crushed velvet. 
I make custom boxes as well... and each sold one like this one goes to aid Halicats a rescue located in Halifax NS, where they fix/spay/neture stray cats; as well as vet them. 
PLease support a great cause! 

This box is $50 post or inbox for more info. 
Purple wind by Ragdonly
Purple wind
just a simple painting I did. I'm selling it to help aid Halicats with their strays and neutering. :) 
Painting is $85 for all three pieces. :) they fit together like a puzzle. :) 
Since I know my lovely stalker(s) is/are visiting my FB and DA, might as well show them how AWESOME we are doing... (cause I KNOW how much they HATE how happy we are... and how WELL we're all doing.)  I LOVE winning money!  I even supported my lovely "Mamma" (Cause you know kids should absolutely support their parents) I gave my (Aunt) Bunny a total of $500 to help her with bills and told her not to even THINK about giving it back. :) She needs it so I did my daughterly duty to make sure the two people who have ALWAYS been more like my parents are cared for. 

and in 2 days Camaya will have her own computer as well :) (But she won't be able to get on line) :) 
She's already got a tablet LOL! :) They are loved to pieces and spoiled as well. LOL 
I think I do quite well on my own LOL :) 
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I am an artist who appreciates those who love a multitude of different art forms. MANY of the artsy crap I do is for a virtual pet site I go to ...

Below is my link to that BEST freaking Virtual pet site this side of earth! It's free, fun and SAFE as hell! *And if shit gets stolen or your hacked, they FIX it!*

unlike that OTHER site (Neo) that tells you... Oh I'm sorry... you're screwed... you shouldn't give your PW to people (and not all hackers NEED your PW to access your damn account...) hell a keystroke logger can get that shit... either way this site is AMAZING!!!! Join me OK and once you're in there and I get an alert you joined (VIA my LINK!) I will mail you and give you a welcome gift for joining on my link! :)




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Thank you so much! :iconiloveyouplz::iconplzhug:
Ragdonly Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
You're very welcomed hun! I Just want to see you smile :) so enjoy the membership and know you're important to many people :) HUGZ!!!
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I'm a friend of MandyB82, what would it take to get a premium membership?
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You have to buy them. You need a credit card to get one. 
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